Battle Creek

About This Project

Skylark has been working with Battle Creek since 2007. We started working together prior to the new construction project which provided their current main campus worship center. Over the years we have helped them launch their current main campus worship center, an overflow and multi-purpose venue, several kids rooms, as well as two additional satellite campuses (Midtown and Downtown).


Our long standing relationships w/ Alex, Gordon, Keith, Casey, and Scott have been a cornerstone to the success of our projects. From a master plan to implementation, we have all worked together to reach their long term goals for the city of Tulsa and beyond.


The main campus worship center was a full design-build project where we managed every aspect related to AVL. They moved from a smaller venue on site to the new facility that included AVL in the main worship center, lobby and overflow areas. The main room included a new audio system, new video system, and a new lighting system.


This system included large format EV line arrays (XLC), EV Subwoofers (xSub), Panasonic projectors, Grass Valley video mixing, Yamaha M7CL FOH console, Sennheiser and Shure wireless microphones, Hitachi studio configured cameras, ETC dimming system, ETC ellipsoidal fixtures, custom connector strips, Global Truss fly grid, and Martin MAC Series moving head fixtures.