Battle Creek – Midtown

About This Project

Skylark helped Battle Creek launch their first satellite campus (Midtown) and was responsible for all things AVL. As you can see in the “before” image above, they took ownership of an existing conservative church’s facility and we helped them overhaul it to give a more modern look and feel.


The audio system we installed is quite unique. We were able to “hide” the self powered JBL loudspeakers behind perforated (acoustically transparent) video projection screens inside of the old organ chambers. This accomplished two goals: extremely aesthetically pleasing and great audio coverage. The self powered subwoofers are also hidden under the stage.


This campus was at first a time delayed video venue campus (AJA KiPro hard drive based content delivery) and now exists utilizing a HaiVision fiber based live video feed. They also have the ability to record the live feed locally on a Grass Valley iDDR (DVR) and play the pastoral message back in a timely manner according to the Midtown campuses weekly schedule of events. This allows them the freedom to play the message when they feel its appropriate and not be tied to the main campuses time schedule.


This system included self powered JBL VP series loudspeakers and subwoofers, JBL stage wedges, Avid Digidesign SC48 FOH console, Panasonic projectors, HaiVision Tx/Rx, Grass Valley iDDR, dual KiPro playback, Panasonic video mixing, Sennheiser wireless microphones, Aviom in-ear monitoring, large flat panel TV confidence monitor, Leprecon dimming system, Lightronics ellipsoidal fixtures, Jands Vista lighting console, wireless DMX transceivers, and Chauvet Colorado Series fixed LED fixtures.