OU – Elsie C. Brackett Theatre

About This Project

The venue itself is special. The performance of the performers should be the spotlight. Therefore, our main goal was to implement the most aesthetically pleasing and fully functional audio system possible for this space. We definitely accomplished our goal.


The first phase of the upgrade started with ripping out all of the old Meyer Sound loudspeakers, subs, and infrastructure. The second phase included implementing a new L-Acoustics system with (6) KIVA and (1) SB15 per side (stereo). This was complimented with (2) ARCS WIDE/FOCUS center (effects only) fills providing full coverage of the room independently from the KIVA. Flown stage monitors for performers were provided with (4) 12XT coaxial loudspeakers. Power and processing was provided for the entire system with (2) LA4X and (1) LA8. A Yamaha CL5 was also included at Front of House with various Rio stage boxes connected at remote stage locations.


Once the KIVA was turned on, we quickly realized how special it was to be a part of this project. The significance of the upgrade to this historic venue elicited tears from some of the Oklahoma University staff commenting, “It’s the best sound we’ve ever had, I can’t believe that it actually happened!”