Our Lord’s Community Church

About This Project

Our Lord’s Community Church – Oklahoma City, OK

In late 2013, Skylark met the staff at Our Lord’s Community Church and begin discussing the big picture goals and how Skylark could help increase the AVL quality throughout their services and experiences. Our Lord’s has been in their beautiful building in OKC since 1985. The wooden ceilings in the sanctuary reach up to 50 feet with a combination of stone and drywall walls surrounding around 1,000 seats.

As OLCC has made the transition from a more traditional worship service to a more contemporary service format, they have been very strategic in their approach to technology. Never letting the latest technology get in the way of their long term goals and taking the renovations to the church one room at a time. Over the past couple of years we’ve done AVL upgrades to their smaller worship and meeting rooms. When it came time to upgrade the sanctuary sound system that had been in the room since the 1990s, we were excited to start designing. They needed a system that would fit a wide range of uses. The sanctuary would be used for Sunday morning worship, small bible studies, city wide conferences, worships nights, and even as a wedding venue.

To fit the wide range of uses and the unique architecture the L-Acoustics ARCS Focus and Wide system was the winning choice for the space. 3 ARCS WIFO per side were flown in a stereo arrangement with one X12 per side for out fill support per side. 4 L’Acoustics SB18 subs on the floor the system offered the perfect amount of coverage and clarity to cover every corner of the sanctuary. All speakers were powered from 3 LA4X Amplified DSP Controllers.

“The architecture of Our Lords consists of wood, rock, and sheet rock with minimal absorptive materials.  So by using the tight and precise coverage pattern of the ARCS WIFO we were able to put the most amount of energy on the people in the seats and avoid the reflective architecture in the space.” – Steele Beaty

The low profile design of the WIFO boxes helped the speakers practically disappear into the 50 foot wooden ceilings. The L-Acoustic system coupled with the Purdue acoustic panels around the outside walls, the room was instantly sonically transformed without compromising the natural beauty of the space.