FBC Weatherford

About This Project

The FBC Weatherford project was a really great experience for the Skylark team as well as the client. It is always fun and extremely gratifying to take a stereotypically old, bad, and terrible audio system and create something special.


John Gerber, the worship director and main point of contact for the project, said it best: “What can I say, but thank you. You would not believe the positive comments we are receiving. The professional manner that your entire staff conducted themselves during the install and last Sunday is truly amazing. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have been right about something (choosing Skylark) for a change. If you ever need a recommendation, please let me know!”


This project started with treating the walls with a extremely aesthetically pleasing acoustic absorption material. Once we gained control of the room, we implemented a JBL line array solution with JBL subs (flown and on the floor), Crown IT amps, new choir microphones, as well as a new video system including Panasonic projectors, new 16:9 video screens, Panasonic video mixer, and a H.264 recording solution.